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A Crash Course on the U.S. Supreme Court

The Akron-Summit County Public Library offers readers of all ages an opportunity to understand the U.S. Supreme Court, including books that explain the nomination process, and decisions that impact our lives. Here are a few Supreme Court reading suggestions for every age:

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Microbusiness Center Featured Entrepreneur

Serial entrepreneur Shavaunta Harris is the proud owner of the following businesses in Akron, Ohio:  Wear Your Worship Tees; W.E.E. Move Ministries; and InfluenceHer’s Mentoring Program. She has recently added author to her many successes with the recent release of her new book Predestined Daily Affirmation & Prayer Journal. 

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Top Five Books on: The Future of Work and the Forces at Play

Recently, I attended the first of four strategic planning workshops called Vision of a Minuteman, hosted by Revere Local Schools. The purpose is to give the community a voice around shaping the goals, objectives, and skills they feel students will need to be college- and career-ready.   As a Teen Librarian, Branch Manager, and parent, I find this topic fascinating.  

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Applying to College During a Pandemic

Trying to decide your plans after high school is stressful in a normal year and the pandemic has surely taken that stress to the next level. In an effort to shed some light on the changes colleges have made to the admission process and to take a little of the stress away, here are a few articles to guide students and parents as they begin the admissions process. Also included are a few eBook recommendations available from Hoopla.

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Finding Information About Physicians

When it comes to choosing a new doctor, we all want the best. A ranking –like Consumer Reports does for products—would be most welcome! Unfortunately, it does not work like that. Research on physicians requires a little bit of patience and knowing where to look. On our Health Information Center page, we have gathered a list of resources that will help you navigate which doctor might be best for you.

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