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Visually Stunning Graphic Novels and Memoirs by Women

We love ebooks and audiobooks, but some books, like these visually stunning graphic novels and memoirs by women, are best seen in person.  These titles push the conventions of storytelling and give us insight into lived experiences – in the way only graphic novels can.  Place a hold on one today!

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Makers Gonna Make

Would you like to learn a new hobby or craft? Want to learn a new way to express yourself? We have a fantastic collection of books that can help you get started. We would love you to share what you have created during this time of staying at home.

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Literary Podcasts

Literary podcasts are a great way to take a deep dive into your favorite books and book-related issues, with hosts often picking the brains of authors, artists and other well-known book lovers. Here are six great bookish podcasts to enjoy so check them out!

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