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Mind, Body & Sole

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June 7 – July 31, 2021

Make reading and exercise a part of your day—every day. Both have the power to brighten your spirit, stimulate your imagination, and improve your health.

Mind, Body & Sole 2021 is a reading/wellness experience for the whole family to enjoy. You’re more likely to read and exercise if it’s convenient--Mind, Body & Sole is so easy, it practically runs itself.

Read and move every day to earn fun incentives at the 10-day, 26-day, 40-day, and 50-day milestones. On your online form or paper exercise log, record each day you participate in a movement activity—running, walking, bicycling, hiking, yoga, exploring, outside play, gardening, and more. Even physical therapy counts. When you have reached 26 days of exercise AND 26 days of reading, you will receive a Mind, Body, & Sole T-shirt (plus a free book for youth participants), and have the chance to be entered into our Grand Prize Drawing.

Ready to get started? Sign up online or at your nearest Akron-Summit County Public Library branch, beginning June 7.

We’ve created an online version of the 2021 Mind, Body & Sole summer reading program to make it easier for our customers to participate by following these instructions.


  1. Sign in to your MBS account with your Library Barcode and PIN and press the sign in button.
  2. When you enter your MBS account (for the first time only), you will be redirected to the registration page. Please fill out the information for the first participant and press the submit button.
  3. You will then be redirected to your MBS calendar page. This calendar will be used to keep track of days spent reading, being active, or both.
  4. To register more participants under your MBS account, click the “New Participants” button in the grey navigation bar. Enter the information on the register page and press the submit button. After every registration entry, you will be redirected back to your calendar. Follow this step for adding multiple participants under your account.
  5. All participants added will be shown in the drop down menu within the grey navigation bar. If you are managing multiple participants, the drop down window allows you to change between the different participants in your account.
  6. To start recording time spent reading, being active or both on your calendar, click the day of the month. Click the day once if you read that day and the day will turn green and show a book (read). Click the day twice If you have been active that day and the day will show a pair of shoe prints (active). Click the day three times if you read and are active on the same day and it will show both a pair of shoe prints and a book (read and active). See table below for icon descriptions.
  7. When finished, click the save button in the grey navigation bar. If you are managing multiple participants, you need to save that calendar before moving to another participant’s calendar.
  8. Participants will have to visit their closest library location to pick up incentives and enter prize basket drawings.
ActivityMBS Icon
Read book
Active shoes
Read & Active 2icons

For those customers who want to participate as they have in years past, you can still do that, too!

Pick up a 2021 Mind, Body & Sole adult or youth tracking calendar and keep track of your daily reading & activity. Stop at your closest Akron-Summit County Public Library to pick up incentives and enter to win prizes.

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