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Akron Art Library

Amy Casey -Tilt, 2016

Amy Casey, Tilt, 2016 - Aquatint etching on paper

About the Artist

Amy Casey
American, born 1976, Erie, Pennsylvania
Lives in Cleveland, Ohio

Amy Casey is a full-time painter who also employs printmaking. Tilt, which appears almost as a city blueprint, is one of many works that reflects the art of city building and Casey’s fascination with the urban cityscape. Inspired by the post-industrial landscape of the Midwest, specifically her Tremont neighborhood and the buildings of Cleveland, it is evident that Casey’s surroundings have infiltrated her work. Most of the scenes she paints and etches are of real buildings throughout the city. Casey has stated that her body of work is a reimagining of the city in which she lives and works, as she has been “rebuilding Cleveland over and over again.”

Amy Casey is currently represented by Zg Gallery in Chicago and Michael Foley in New York City. To learn more about her work, visit: or