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Akron Art Library

Angelo Merendino, Parents Waving Goodbye at the Door - 2013

Angelo Merendino, Parents Waving Goodbye at Door, 2013 - Inkjet print

About the Artist

Angelo Merendino
American, born 1973, Akron, Ohio
Lives in Cleveland, Ohio

Angelo Merendino makes profound statements by capturing some of life’s smallest moments with is photography. Parents Waving Goodbye at Door is from the artist’s series Goodbye at Door, where Merendino would document this simple, fleeting gesture as he’d leave his parents’ home in Akron’s North Hill neighborhood. After his wife’s death, which Merendino documented in the series The Battle We Didn’t Choose: My Wife’s Fight With Breast Cancer, the artist decided to return to Cleveland from NYC to be closer to his parents. During this time, he would visit weekly to spend time and capture memories of his aging parents through photography. After Merendino’s father passed away, he started looking through the thousands of photographs he made of his family and the goodbye series stood out to him. The final photograph in the series is the first Merendino took of his mother standing alone at the door. To view more work by Merendino, visit: