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Erik Neff, Monothon Monoprint 3, 2017

Erik Neff, Monothon Monoprint 3, 2017 - Monoprint

About the Artist

Erik Neff
American, born 1962, Coshocton, Ohio
Lives in Newbury, Ohio

Artist Erik Neff’s natural surroundings play a big role in his artwork. He lives and works in a Chagrin River headwater stream valley in rural Geauga County. His soft, organic grey-toned shapes reference the wooded environment, as well as his interest in biology and entomology.

Monoprinting is a form of printmaking that results in one unique print. To create this work Neff used thin wood pieces that he configured into shapes and glued onto a plexiglass plate. He used oil paint to create several different combinations of colors and marks on the plate, resulting in a unique print each time he ran his painted plate through the press. To view more work by Neff, visit:

This monoprint was created at the Zygote Press Monothon printmaking event.

For more information on Zygote Press, visit: