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Akron Art Library - Odom Boulevard Collection

Hui-Chu Ying - Merce’s Improvisation: Chance Dance - 2019

Hui-Chu Ying, Merce’s Improvisation: Chance Dance - Monoprint relief on paper

About the Artist

Hui-Chu Ying
American, born 1956, Taipei, Taiwan;
Lives in Akron, Ohio

Merce Cunningham was an American dancer and choreographer who valued the process of art over the product. With interest in the creation of the choreography, Cunningham employed chance procedures in his work. A chance procedure means that the order of the steps or sequence is unknown until the actual performance, often decided by flipping a coin or rolling dice. Many of Cunningham’s pieces had sequences that were rehearsed so that they could be put in any order. Hui-Chu Ying employs a similar technique in Merce’s Improvisation, a series of monoprints depicting Cunningham’s chance choreography. The works in this series can be endlessly rearranged in terms of sequence, location and dancers depicted. 

Hui-Chu Ying is an artist and Professor of Printmaking at the University of Akron’s Myers School of Art. Ying’s work can be found in the Akron Art Museum permanent collection and has been exhibited internationally throughout the United States, Europe, Australia, Korea and China. To view more work by Hui-Chu Ying, visit Harris Stanton Gallery in Akron or Cleveland or online at