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Akron Art Library

John Sokol, Rita Dove as Mother Love, 1999

John Sokol, Rita Dove as Mother Love, 1999 - Mixed media

John Sokol
American, born 1947, Canton, Ohio
Lives in Akron, Ohio

If a picture is worth a thousand words, what can be said of a picture that is MADE of words? In this print, artist John Sokol uses the words of famous writers to create their portraits. In addition to being a visual artist, Sokol is a poet and has published multiple poetry collections. Through his writing experiences, he met Akron native and former United States Poet Laureate Rita Dove and had her sign the print, above the work’s title.

Three of Sokol’s word portraits are in the Akron Art Museum collection, in addition to other large-scale paintings, prints and drawings. Sokol was recently an Akron Soul Train fellow and showed the works resulting from his residency at Spectrum Gallery. Learn more about his work at: