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Akron Art Library

Lizzi Aronhalt - Viejo San Juan - 2018

Lizzi Aronholt, Viejo San Juan - Acrylic and paint marker on gessoboard 11 x 14 in.

About the Artist

Lizzi Aronhalt
American, born 1991, Akron, Ohio;
Lives Akron, Ohio

Inspired by a trip to Puerto Rico, Lizzi Aronhalt depicts a bird’s-eye view of vibrantly colored buildings against a hazy gray sky in Viejo San Juan. Her energetic paintings are an exploration and celebration of typical urban landscapes. “The scenes and places I choose to paint are in prominent cities,” says Aronhalt, “but they capture the everyday with content such as the skyline of a small city in Eastern Europe, ice cream stands in Akron and corner stores in Cincinnati.”

With an interest in exploring contrasts that exist in the world, Aronhalt creates tension in her paintings by contrasting acrylic paint used for softer, organic shapes and oil-based permanent marker for sharp architectural lines. The visual rhythm of these abstract shapes and lively lines produce an almost musical quality, offering a fresh perspective of a banal scene.

Lizzi Aronhalt received her BS in art education with a minor in 2D media studies from Miami University. She is an art educator at St. Sebastian in Akron. Want to see more work by Aronhalt? Visit her studio at Summit Artspace.

To learn more about Lizzi Aronhalt, visit: or follow on Instagram @lizzi_aronhalt_art