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Maria Zanetta, Vino, 2017

Maria Alejandra Zanetta, Vino, 2017 - Mixed media

About the Artist

Maria Alejandra Zanetta
Argentinian, born 1961, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Lives in Akron, Ohio

Although her day job involves teaching Spanish literature at the University of Akron, artist Maria Alejandra Zanetta has a passion for art-making. Zanetta is fascinated with color and texture and considers printmaking the perfect medium to explore these interests. Each print has its own personality and uniqueness, not only because of the printing process, but because each print is developed in conjunction with a collage that gives it its distinct characteristics. The end result is a print that is bold, dynamic and one of a kind.

Maria Alejandra Zanetta was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she studied fine arts at the National School for the Arts. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in fine arts, she moved to the United States to pursue interdisciplinary studies and the relationship between painting and literature. After receiving her doctorate in comparative literature and art at the Ohio State University, she joined the University of Akron, where she currently teaches a wide range of courses in Hispanic literature, language and culture.

Zanetta also designed the First Night Akron 15th Anniversary Button in 2011. She is represented by the Brandt-Roberts Galleries in Columbus and by the Harris Stanton Gallery in Akron and Cleveland.