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Melissa Kreider After care

Melissa Kreider, After-care, 2015 - Photograph

About the Artist

Melissa Kreider
American, born 1993, Springfield Township, Ohio
Lives in Iowa City, Iowa

In the series, You Can’t Go Home Again, photographer Melissa Kreider reexamines her hometown of Springfield Township, Ohio with a lens tinged by nostalgia and longing. The artist left Springfield Township to study abroad, and felt a disconnect upon returning to her hometown. The photos in this series are her attempt at emotionally reconnecting with the spaces of her youth and reimagining the meaning of “home.” After-care was shot in her grandmother’s laundry room, where she used to spend time playing after school. Kreider has memories in this space, where she “gravitated towards the different patterns of wallpaper in the room.” This photograph revisits the memories of what she found so fascinating about this scene as a child.

Kreider is a graduate of the Myers School of Art at the University of Akron. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts at the University of Iowa.

To explore more of Melissa Kreider’s work, visit: or follow her on Instagram @melissakreider