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National Register of Historic Places – Summit County

The National Register of Historic Places is the official list of properties recognized by the federal government as worthy of preservation for their local, state, or national significance in American history, architecture, archaeology, engineering, or culture. A program of the National Park Service, it is administered at the state level by each respective state. In Ohio, the Ohio History Connection State Historic Preservation Office administers the National Register program.

Listed below are National Register of Historic Places Nomination or Registration Forms for locations in Summit County, Ohio.



NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Akron Jewish Center pdfsymbol 220 S Balch St 86001919 Akron
Akron Post Office and Federal Building pdfsymbol 168 E Market St 83002059 Akron
Akron Public Library pdfsymbol 69 E Market St 83002060 Akron
Akron Rural Cemetery Buildings pdfsymbol 150 Glendale Ave 80003236 Akron
Akron Y.M.C.A. Building pdfsymbol 80 W Center St 80003237 Akron
Akron-Fulton International Airport Administration Building pdfsymbol 1800 Triplett Blvd 1001361 Akron
Alling, Francis D., House pdfsymbol 323 East Ave 87002093 Tallmadge
Anna Dean Farm pdfsymbol SR 619 77001086 Barberton


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Barber, O C, Barn No. 1 pdfsymbol 115 3rd St 73001538 Barberton
Barber, O C, Colt Barn pdfsymbol Austin Dr 74001626 Barberton
Barber, O C, Creamery pdfsymbol 365 Portsmouth Ave 73001539 Barberton
Barber, O C, Machine Barn pdfsymbol Austin Dr 74001627 Barberton
Barber, O C, Piggery pdfsymbol 248 Robinson Ave 73001540 Barberton
Barder, Byron R., House pdfsymbol 1041 W Market St 87001598 Akron
Barker Village Site pdfsymbol Address Restricted 78000379 Akron
Barker, William, Residence pdfsymbol 805 Wye Rd 79002797 Ghent
Bath Township Hall pdfsymbol 1241 N Cleveland-Massilon Rd 79002805 Bath Center
Bath Township School pdfsymbol 4655 Akron-Medina Rd 79002801 Ghent
Becker, Francis, House pdfsymbol 3010 Hickory St 2000672 Clinton
Boston Mills Historic District pdfsymbol Roughly, Riverview, Boston Mills & Stanford Rds & Main St 92001490 Boston Mills
Botzum Farm pdfsymbol 3486 Riverview Rd 99001271 Cuyahoga Falls
Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge pdfsymbol Carries SR 82 over the Cuyahoga River 86000078 Northfield
Brown, Jim, Tavern pdfsymbol Boston Mills Rd 79000300 Boston
Brown, John, Farmhouse pdfsymbol 1842 Hines Hill Rd 77001088 Hudson
Brown-Bender Farm (+ Boundary Increase) pdfsymbol 3491 Akron-Peninsula Rd 93000076 Cuyahoga Falls
Butler, H. Karl, Memorial pdfsymbol Truxell Rd, SE of jct with Peninsula Rd, Camp Manatoc 96001510 Peninsula


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Camp Manatoc Concord Lodge and Adirondacks Historic District pdfsymbol Truxell Rd, SE of jct with Peninsula Rd, Camp Manatoc 96001513 Peninsula
Camp Manatoc Dining Hall pdfsymbol Truxell Rd, SE of jct with Peninsula Rd, Camp Manatoc 96001511 Peninsula
Camp Manatoc Foresters Lodge and Kit Carson--Dan Boone Cabins Historic District pdfsymbol Truxell Rd, SE of jct with Peninsula Rd, Camp Manatoc 96001514 Peninsula
Camp Manatoc Legion Lodge pdfsymbol Truxell Rd, SE of jct with Peninsula Rd, Camp Manatoc 96001512 Peninsula
Carkhuff, Stacy G., House pdfsymbol 1225 W Market St 84003804 Akron
Cascade Locks Historic District pdfsymbol Roughly bounded by North, Howard, Innerbelt SR 59 & the canal from Locks 10 to 16, including discontiguous parts N 92001627 Akron
Chuckery Race pdfsymbol S of & in Cuyahoga Falls 72001047 Cuyahoga Falls
Cofta, Albert, Farmstead pdfsymbol 2966 Brush Rd 4001214 Richfield
Cole Avenue Housing Project Historic District pdfsymbol 744 Colette Drive 7001090 Akron
Copley Depot pdfsymbol 3772 Copley Rd 1000563 Copley
Corbusier, John William Creswell, House pdfsymbol 226 College St 89001451 Hudson
Cranz, Edward, Farm pdfsymbol 2780 Oak Hill Dr 93000077 Peninsula
Cranz, William and Eugene, Farm pdfsymbol 2401 Ira Rd 93000078 Peninsula


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Diamond Match Historic District pdfsymbol 3, 21 & 27 4th St, NW & 8 2nd St, NW 96000218 Barberton
Duffy, Michael, Farm pdfsymbol 4965 Quick Rd 93000079 Peninsula


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Eagles Temple pdfsymbol 131-137 E Market St 82003656 Akron
East Market Street Church of Christ pdfsymbol 864 E Market St 88003440 Akron
Everett Historic District pdfsymbol 4731-4642 Riverview Rd & 2151-2279 Everett Rd, Cuyahoga Valley National Recreation Area 93001467 Peninsula
Everett Knoll Complex pdfsymbol Address Restricted 77000157 Everett
Everett Road Covered Bridge pdfsymbol SW of Peninsula on Everett Rd over Furnace Creek 74000344 Peninsula


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
First Congregational Church pdfsymbol 292 E Market St 4000061 Akron
First Congregational Church of Cuyahoga Falls pdfsymbol 130 Broad Blvd 75001538 Cuyahoga Falls
First National Bank Tower pdfsymbol 106 S Main St 7000633 Akron
Fort Island Works pdfsymbol Address Restricted 70000087 Akron
Furnace Run Aqueduct pdfsymbol Furnace Run 79000301 Everett


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Gayer, Jacob M., House pdfsymbol 406 Sumner St 84003442 Akron
Glendale Cemetery pdfsymbol 150 Glendale Ave 1001063 Akron
Goodyear Airdock pdfsymbol S side of the Akron Airport 73002259 Akron
Grace Reformed Church pdfsymbol 172 W Bowery St 84003806 Akron


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Hale, Elijah, Residence pdfsymbol 3243 Ira Rd 79002795 Bath
Hale, Jonathan, Homestead pdfsymbol 2686 Oak Hill Rd 73000258 Bath
Hall Park Allotment Historic District pdfsymbol Roughly along Oakland Ave, from Crestwood Ave & Crosby St 2001274 Akron
Harshey, John, Residence pdfsymbol 4270 Bath Rd 79002804 Bath Center
Hartong, Levi J, House and Farm pdfsymbol 6521 Mt Pleasant Rd 7001089 Green
Heller, Edward, Residence pdfsymbol 3891 Granger Rd 79002798 Ghent
Herrick, Jonathan, House pdfsymbol 8327 Darrow Rd 74001633 Twinsburg
Hershey, J., Residence pdfsymbol 286 Cleveland-Massilon Rd 79002802 Ghent
Hopkins, Roswell, Residence pdfsymbol 299 Hametown Rd 79002799 Ghent
Hower Mansion pdfsymbol 60 Fir Hill 73001536 Akron
Hudson Historic District (+ Boundary Increase) pdfsymbol Roughly bounded by Hudson St, Old Orchard Dr, Aurora St, Oviatt St, Streetsboro St, & College St to Aurora 89001452 Hudson
Humberger House pdfsymbol 7616 N 2nd Ave 2001122 Clinton
Hunt--Wilke Farm pdfsymbol 2049 Bolanz Rd 93000080 Cuyahoga Falls


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Izant, Grace Goulder, House pdfsymbol 250 College St 89001450 Hudson


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Jackson, Andrew, House pdfsymbol 277 E Mill St 75001537 Akron
Jaite Mill Historic District pdfsymbol SE of Brecksville at Riverview & Vaughan Rds. 79000288 Brecksville
Johnson, Dustin, Residence pdfsymbol 1946 Cleveland-Massilon Rd 79002806 Bath
Jyrovat Farmstead pdfsymbol 696 Streetsboro Rd 95000588 Peninsula


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Kendall, Virginia, State Park Historic District pdfsymbol 701, 801, 1000 Truxell Rd & 434 W Streetsboro 96001515 Peninsula
Kent, J., Residence pdfsymbol 1727 Medina Line Rd 79002792 Bath
Kirby, James, Mill pdfsymbol W of West Richfield off SR 303 78002197 West Richfield
Kittinger, David, Residence pdfsymbol 1904 Cleveland-Massilon Rd 79002808 Bath


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Ligget, J., Residence pdfsymbol 481 Cleveland-Massilon Rd 79002803 Ghent
Limbach Block Historic District pdfsymbol 7843 - 7853 Main St 1001280 Clinton
Loew's Theatre pdfsymbol 182 S Main St 73001537 Akron
Lutz--Martin Farm pdfsymbol 2470 Martin Rd 3000608 Bath


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Main Exchange Historic District pdfsymbol 1 W Exchange, 323-337 S Main, 12 E Exchange, 380-348 S Main, & 328-326 S Main Sts 9000912 Akron
Main-Market Historic District pdfsymbol 15-47 N Main St, 1-39 S Main St, 39-168 E Market St, 18-42 N High St, 70 Broadway St 3000719 Akron
Mason, Frank H., House pdfsymbol 615 Latham Ln, Franklin Twp 95000499 Akron
McKisson, Robert, House pdfsymbol 7878 N Gannett Rd 74001632 Sagamore Hills
Merriman, Wells E., House pdfsymbol 641 W Market St 83002061 Akron
Miller, Harvey, Residence pdfsymbol 188 Hametown Rd 79002800 Ghent
Miller, Lewis, House pdfsymbol 142 King Dr 76001531 Akron


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Northfield Town Hall pdfsymbol 9546 Brandywine Rd 962 Northfield


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Oakwood Cemetery Chapel pdfsymbol 2420 Oakwood Dr 99001334 Cuyahoga Falls
Ohio & Erie Canal Historic District--Clinton Upper (Lock 2) & Clinton Lower (Lock 3) pdfsymbol Along the canal channel parallel to Water St 3000111 Clinton
Ohio & Erie Canal Lock No 26 pdfsymbol 3.3 mi N of Ira Rd 79000302 Ira
Ohio & Erie Canal Lock No 27 pdfsymbol Aprox 400 ft. E of jct of Riverview & Everett Rds 79000303 Everett
Ohio & Erie Canal Lock No 28 pdfsymbol Deep Lock Q Quarry Metro Park 79000304 Peninsula
Ohio & Erie Canal Lock No 29 and Aqueduct pdfsymbol off SR 303 79000305 Peninsula
Ohio & Erie Canal Lock No 30 and Feeder Dam pdfsymbol Off SR 303 79000306 Peninsula
Ohio & Erie Canal Lock No 31 pdfsymbol 200 ft. E of Cuyahoga River & aprox 0.5 mi S of Ohio Turnpike 79000307 Peninsula
Ohio & Erie Canal Lock No 32 pdfsymbol 800 ft. N of Boston Mills 79000308 Boston
Ohio & Erie Canal Lock No 33 pdfsymbol 1 mi S of Highland Rd 79000309 Boston
Ohio & Erie Canal Lock No 34 pdfsymbol Highland Rd 79000310 Sagamore Hills
Ohio & Erie Canal Lock No 35 pdfsymbol Off SR 82 79000311 Sagamore Hills
Ohio and Erie Canal Deep Lock pdfsymbol S of Peninsula on Riverview Rd 74000345 Peninsula
Old Akron Post Office pdfsymbol 70 E Market St 72001046 Akron
O'Neil's Department Store pdfsymbol 226-250 S Main St 90001776 Akron
Ozmun, Isaac and Maria, Farmstead pdfsymbol 6928 Olde Eight Rd 1556 Boston Heights


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Palmer House pdfsymbol 9370 Olde Eight Rd 74001628 Northfield Center
Peninsula Village Historic District pdfsymbol Both sides of SR 303 74000346 Peninsula
Perkins, Col. Simon, Mansion pdfsymbol 550 Copley Rd 74001624 Akron
Point, Nathaniel, Farm pdfsymbol 4606 Akron-Peninsula Rd, 4631 Akron-Peninsula Rd 99001084 Peninsula
Portage Hotel pdfsymbol 10 N Main St 80004611 Akron
Porter, Orin, House pdfsymbol 240 College St 89001449 Hudson
Porter-Aue House pdfsymbol 2798 North St 2000947 Clinton
Price, Jonathan, House pdfsymbol 7903 Main St 2001103 Clinton


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Quaker Oats Cereal Factory pdfsymbol 120 E Mill St 78002195 Akron


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Randall, Dr. Rufus, Residence pdfsymbol 3675 Ira Rd 79002796 Bath
Randall, Dr. Rufus, Residence pdfsymbol Ranney, Luther B. Farm 88002749 Boston Heights
Raymond, Frank Mason, House pdfsymbol 655 Latham Lane 95000500 Akron
Rhodes and Watters Apartment Buildings, The pdfsymbol 608-614 W Market St & 16 Rhodes Ave 7001296 Akron
Richard, John, Residence pdfsymbol 1924 Cleveland-Massilon Rd 79002807 Bath
Robinson, Byron W., House pdfsymbol 715 E Buchtel Ave 91001415 Akron


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Schmitt, Louis, House & Store pdfsymbol 2967 Hickory St 2000084 Clinton
Seiberling, Charles Willard, House pdfsymbol 1075 W Market St 93000405 Akron
Selle Gear Company pdfsymbol 451 S High St 5001213 Akron
Shaw, Samuel, Residence pdfsymbol 1588 Hametown Rd 79002794 Bath
Shaw, Sylvester, Residence pdfsymbol 1786 Medina Line Rd 79002793 Bath
Smith, David, House pdfsymbol 7966 Cleveland-Massillon Rd 2001104 Clinton
Smith, Dr. Robert, House pdfsymbol 855 Ardmore Ave 85003411 Akron
Smith, William, House pdfsymbol 7894 Main St 2001052 Clinton
Sorrick--Oster Store pdfsymbol 7846 Main St 2001123 Clinton
South Main Street Historic District pdfsymbol 156-222 S Main St & 153-279 S Main St 8000622 Akron
St Bernard's Church pdfsymbol 240 S Broadway St 89000174 Akron
St Paul's Sunday School and Parish House pdfsymbol E Market & Forge Sts 76001532 Akron
Stan Hywet Hall-Frank A. Seiberling House pdfsymbol 714 N Portage Path 75002058 Akron
Stanford, George, Farm pdfsymbol 6093 Stanford Rd 82001874 Peninsula
Stewart--Hanson Farm pdfsymbol 2832 Call Rd 92001376 Stow
Stumpy Basin pdfsymbol 200 ft. E of Cuyahoga River & aprox 0.5 mi S of Ohio Turnpike 79000313 Peninsula
Summit County Courthouse and Annex pdfsymbol 209 S High St 74001625 Akron


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Tallmadge Town Square Historic District pdfsymbol Public Square 71000652 Tallmadge
Thornton-Guise Kitchen And House pdfsymbol 147 S Main St 76001534 Munroe Falls
Thorp, Manville, Residence pdfsymbol 1907 Medina Lane Rd 79002791 Bath
Tilden, Daniel, House pdfsymbol 2325 Stine Rd 85001340 Peninsula
Tuscarawas Avenue--Alexander Square Commercial Historic District pdfsymbol Bounded by Park Ave, Tuscarawas Ave, 4th & 5th Sts 90000755 Barberton
Twinsburg Congregational Church pdfsymbol Twinsburg Public Square 74001634 Twinsburg
Twinsburg Institute pdfsymbol 8996 Darrow Rd 76001535 Twinsburg
Valley Railway Historic District pdfsymbol Cuyahoga Valley btwn Rockside Rd. at Cuyahoga National Recreation Area & Howard St. at Little Cuyahoga Valley 85001123 Akron


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Viall Lodge pdfsymbol 1135 E Market St 94000238 Akron


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Wallace Farm pdfsymbol 8230 Brandywine Rd 85001387 Northfield Center
Ward House pdfsymbol 1410 Hines Hill Rd 87000629 Hudson
Warwick Interlocking Tower pdfsymbol 2955 S 1st St 2001516 Clinton
Welton, Allen, House pdfsymbol SW of Peninsula at 2485 Major Rd 79000314 Peninsula
Werner Company Building pdfsymbol 109 N Union 76001533 Akron
Werner, Edward P, House pdfsymbol 258 W Market St 5001146 Akron
Wesley Temple AME Church pdfsymbol 104 N Prospect St 94000243 Akron
Western Reserve Academy pdfsymbol Roughly bounded by Aurora St & both sides of Oviatt, High, 75001539 Hudson
Westmont Building pdfsymbol 22 Rhodes Ave 84003807 Akron
Wolcott House pdfsymbol 56 E Twinsburg Rd 88000468 Northfield


NamePDFAddressRef. No.City
Young Woman's Christian Association pdfsymbol 146 S High St 82001491 Akron