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Beginner Class Levels

Basic Computer Skills
Discover what a computer mouse is and have fun practicing basic mouse functions with in-class exercises. Learn to open and close software programs. Learn and practice the proper procedures for turning on and shutting down your computer. Discover the differences between hardware and software. Learn about computer components. Learn basic functions of the Windows operating system that enable you to become familiar with personalizing your computer, pinning to the task bar, and more. Practice using various Windows components such as working with multiple windows and using menus. You will also learn about computer viruses and how to protect your machine.

Windows 10
Personalize your Windows 10 experience, learn how to navigate, check out the exciting new features, and add new Apps to your PC. You will learn where to find Windows & other updates.

File Management
Learn to create folders & organize & manage your files & folders. You will practice copying, moving, & deleting items, & exploring your recycle bin. You will also learn how to search for items on the computer. Attendance at Basic Computer Skills is preferred.

Are you a hunt and peck typist or would you just like to improve your typing speed? This class will teach you the basics of typing through a series of very basic exercises. Proper keying position and technique will be stressed. Participants must bring in a set of headphones (to follow auditory instructions from the computer) or buy an inexpensive set at the Circulation desk in the library.

Intermediate Class Levels

Office 2013-2016 Essential Skills
The new features include enhanced design tools, shared notebooks for working in groups, mobile versions and a digital notebook for managing and sharing multimedia information. This course will introduce you to the newest features before you begin our new Microsoft classes. Attendance at Introduction Series is preferred.

Email Basics, Part 1: Read, Respond, Write, and Print
Learn how to use the basic features of an e-mail account to communicate quickly and conveniently with friends, family, and colleagues. Tips for printing messages will also be demonstrated. This class is only for those who need an email account. If you already have an account, then come to E-mail Part 2. Attendance at Internet, Part 1 or prior Internet experience is preferred.

Email Basics, Part 2: Message Management
Learn how to attach files to outgoing messages and open incoming attachments. Organize your list of contacts using an Address Book. Learn how to create folders for filing messages. Experience using an e-mail account or attendance at E-mail Basics, Part 1 is required.

Internet, Part 1: An Introduction
Learn how to access the Internet in the library and from your home computer. During class, you will practice basic Internet searching using web directories and search engines. Attendance at Basic Computer Skills is preferred.

Internet, Part 2: Searching, Printing, and Favorites
Learn how to make better use of search engine features for more successful Internet searching. Practice saving your favorite websites and printing Internet content. Attendance at Internet, Part 1 or prior Internet experience is preferred.

Google Drive I and II
In this class you will sign-up for a Google account in order for you to begin using Google Drive. There will be a discussion about the different features of Google Drive and cloud storage. Google Drive II will build on content learned in Google 1. Having some knowledge of Internet Usage before taking this class is recommended.

Introduction to Facebook
After registering to use the site, users can create a user profile, add other users as "friends", exchange messages, post status updates and photos, share videos and receive notifications when others update their profiles. Additionally, users may join common-interest user groups, organized by workplace, school or college, or other characteristics, and categorize their friends into lists such as "People From Work" or "Close Friends". Attendance at Internet, Parts 1 & 2 or prior Internet experience is preferred.

Introduction to Pinterest
Pinterest is a free website that requires registration to use. Users can upload, save, sort, and manage images—known as pins—and other media content (e.g., videos and images) through collections known as pinboards. Users can browse the content of others on the main page. Users can then save individual pins to one of their own boards using the "Pin It" button, with Pinboards typically organized by a central topic or theme. Users can personalize their experience with Pinterest by pinning items, creating boards, and interacting with other members. Attendance at Internet, Part 1 or prior Internet experience is preferred.

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional social network. It offers tools to help users find job openings, businesses to hire employees and promote their own, or simply network with other professionals. Your profile on LinkedIn acts as your online resumé, featuring your experience, skills, and recommendations from colleagues or supervisors. Since your existing connections can directly introduce you to others, you can quickly expand your professional network. This class will cover the free LinkedIn basic account.

Advanced Class Levels

MS Word, Part 1: Creating/Editing Documents
Discover how to create word processing documents using Microsoft Word 2013.
Learn various editing features that allow you to effectively revise documents. Explore ways to quickly copy and move text. Practice preparing files using Word's document templates to begin documents. Attendance at Basic Computer Skills is preferred.

MS Word, Part 2: Formatting Text & Paragraphs
Make your document stand out! Explore the different ways to change how text looks. Learn how to change the style and effect of text. Discover additional formatting techniques that can be applied to document paragraphs. Attendance at MS Word, Part 1 is preferred.

MS Word, Part 3: More Useful Formatting Tools
Discover how to use more useful tools to edit your documents like signature lines, creating a PDF, comments, tables, formulas to perform math functions, create charts, create a book format, and protect your document. Attendance at MS Word, Part 2 is preferred.

Mail Merge
Learn how to create letters, labels, and envelopes for mass mailings. Learn how to create address lists to facilitate this process using Microsoft Excel. Ideal for Christmas cards, weddings, family reunion letters, and more! Microsoft Word 2013-2016 will be demonstrated in class. Some experience with Microsoft Word and Excel is required.

MS Excel, Part 1: Opening & Creating Workbooks
Learn how to create basic workbook files using Microsoft Excel 2013-2016. Discover how to organize data more efficiently using spreadsheets. Attendance at MS Word, Part 1 is preferred.

MS Excel, Part 2: Formatting and Modifying Workbooks
Discover how to modify columns, rows, and format cells. Practice the different ways to duplicate, move, and edit data. Attendance at MS Word, Part 1 is preferred.

MS Excel, Part 3: More on Formatting Cells and Worksheet Basics
Learn how to format text and numbers in cells and learn the worksheet basics – setting print area, inserting headers/footers, page margins, etc. Attendance at MS Word, Part 2 is preferred.

MS Excel, Part 4: Introduction to Formulas & Excel Functions
Let Excel do the math for you! Practice creating and applying formulas to your worksheets and learn how Excel Functions work. Learn how to maximize your data with these helpful tools. Attendance at MS Word, Part 3 is preferred.

MS Excel, Part 5: Sorting, Filtering Data, Creating Custom Lists and More
Experience the more advanced features associated with Excel. Learn how to sort and filter your data and create customized lists for your workbooks. Attendance at MS Word, Part 4 is preferred.

MS Excel, Part 6: Charts & Advanced Custom Tools for Worksheets
Experience the more advanced features associated with Excel. Learn how to draw a chart for your data, how to track changes, and finalize your workbook. Attendance at MS Word, Part 4 & 5 is preferred.

MS PowerPoint, Part 1: The Basics
Learn how to create and present slideshow presentations with PowerPoint 2013-2016. Attendance at Basic Computer Skills is preferred.

MS PowerPoint, Part 2: Notes, Links, & Graphics
Learn how to use PowerPoint’s advanced features to customize your presentations. Experience with using PowerPoint or attendance at PowerPoint, Part 1 is preferred.

MS PowerPoint, Part 3: Advanced Features
Advanced features covered include photo album shows, automation, animation, more with backgrounds, charts, and other miscellaneous items. Experience with using PowerPoint or attendance at PowerPoint, Part 2 is preferred.

MS Publisher: The Basics
Create business cards, greeting cards, flyers, and more! Learn the basics of creating professional looking publications with Publisher 2013-2016, Microsoft’s desktop publishing program. Explore Publisher’s more advanced features as you create a two-page newsletter, envelopes and labels using Mail Merge to distribute your publications. Attendance at Basic Computer Skills & MS Word Skills is preferred.

Open Lab/Resumé Workshop
Come with your questions! Come to practice what you’ve learned in class! Open lab time is an opportunity to work on computers in the lab with an instructor present to answer any questions you may have. Bring a chronology of your work and/or educational history to these workshops, and use resumé writing software to clearly define your skills and qualifications. Save your work as an electronic document and leave our workshop with a high impact, ready-to-print product. Attendees must bring a flash drive on which to save their work.

Special Topics

(May not be offered on a regular basis)

Do you own a Kindle and want to know how to get e-books from the library? Then this is the class for you. Prior Internet experience is preferred.

Do you own a Tablet such as, iPad, ASUS Transformer, Nook Color or Tablet, etc. and want to know how to get e-books from the library? Then, this is the class for you.  Prior Internet experience is preferred.

iPads & Beyond
Do you own an iPad and want to know where to begin? This class will take you through setting up your iPad to downloading Apps.  Must know your Apple ID to download Apps.

Introduction to Android Devices
Do you own an Android tablet and want to know where to begin? This class will take you through setting up your device to downloading Apps.  Must know your gmail account.

MS Excel, Pivot Tables
Do you want to know how to make large, complex sets of data more comprehensible and easier to understand at a glance? Come to this course to learn when you have a large amount of data to sum and you want to compare several facts about each figure.  Attendance at MS Excel 3, 4 & 5 is preferred.

Advanced Excel Formulas
In this class, you will learn to use some advanced formula tools that include math, financial, logical and date functions along with some data analysis tools.  You must be proficient in Excel or should have completed Excel Levels 1 through 6 to be in this class.

TechZone Workshops

Design Computers
Where your dreams become a reality. Use these PCs to start developing your ideas using either Adobe Creative Cloud and/or Corel.

3D Printer
Once you have your design, use the 3D Printer to make a model of your product. The charge for an item will be $1.00 per hour.

Button Maker
Use the button maker to create buttons or magnets to promote your business, a student athlete or band member, etc. We offer 1.5, 2.25 or 3 inch buttons and magnets for $.25 per item.

Direct to Garment
Epson F2100. Print logos, graphics, text, and pictures directly onto t-shirts with the Epson F2100 Direct to Garment (DTG) Printer. Bring your own design and shirts.

Green Screen
Want to interview someone or make a commercial and then superimpose your subjects onto a virtual background? Then the green screen is for you.

Heat Press
The heat press is available to use for free. It’s necessary if you are using our Direct to Garment Printer; you bring your own heat transfer sheets to cut on our Silhouette Curio; or you have made your own heat transfers elsewhere and just need a heat press to use. It’s the final step to personalized shirts.

Want to laminate an award you received, a drawing, or an id card? Stop by the TechZone desk for help. The price to laminate is $.40 a pouch.

Laser Engraver
Use the laser engraver to create advertising material for your business, something for yourself, etc. Engrave on wood, acrylic, and more.

Media Transfer Station
Do you have old negatives, VHS, pictures, super 8mm, Vinyl LPs, or cassettes that you would love to have a digital copy? Then this is the station for you.

Photo Printer
Did you take pictures with your phone, digital camera, or tablet on vacation, at a special event, or when you were out and about? Then use our photo printer to get a hard copy of those snapshots. We offer the ability to print a 4x6 photo for $.25, 5x7 photo for $.50 or 8x11 photo for $1.00.

Recording Studio
Have that new top ten hit in your head but don’t know how to get it produced? The recording studio has virtual instruments, music loops and studio quality recording software to help you sound great.

Sewing Machine
Use the elna sewing machine to create the newest fashion or mend an item.

Do you like to scrapbook or make homemade cards? Then let the silhouette help you cut out fun shapes, draw cool sayings, etc.

Studio in a Box
Use the studio in a box to take professional photos of the items you have created.

Vinyl Printer
Use the vinyl printer to make a banner, a window cling or fabric cling to advertise your business, decorate your home, etc. Any material currently available is $2.00 per linear foot. (Removable Vinyl, Clear and White Static Cling, Permanent Adhesive, Vinyl Banner Matte and Gloss, and White Paper Gloss)

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